Australian satellite communications stations send signals up to geostationary orbits to transmit broadband data around the world. Satellite broadband companies cater to business users and consumers as well who cannot get DSL or broadband connection in remote areas. Although satellite Internet is expensive, it is the only option for most people in areas not served by cellular broadband. Advances in satellite technology have been bringing down the cost of satellite broadband. Unlike the reach of cellular broadband, satellite coverage is bigger.
Latency in signal transmission can range from 500 milliseconds to 900 milliseconds. Although latency in signal transmission remains an issue, satellite broadband has been proven to be as reliable as DSL and cellular broadband. Satellite Internet is good for web browsing, Internet, VoIP and video streaming. Although multi-player Internet games are best played with landline Internet connection, satellite broadband can also be used to play games. The high latency can be attributed to the great distances travelled by the signals. If other factors affecting signalling delays are eliminated, the time for electromagnetic radio waves to reach the orbit is 500 milliseconds, or half a second.
The distance from the ground to the orbit is 71,400 km (44,400 mi), or 143,000 km (89,000 mi) for a full round trip, with latency ranging from 1,000–1,400 milliseconds. Whereas, latency of dial-up Internet signals range from 150–200 ms. However, for medium and low earth orbit satellites, the delay is not that much. For instance, Globalstar and Iridium satellites in MEO and LEO have latency of only 40 ms for round trip, although their throughput is less than broadband at 64 kbit/s per channel.

But the major selling point of satellite Internet carriers is their global Internet coverage made possible by their international VSAT networks. Satellite Internet is very helpful for people who need Internet connectivity in regions not reached by broadband carriers. Unlike cellular broadband carriers that rely on terrestrial transmitters, satellite broadband companies have satellites that can receive and transmit signals from and to anywhere in the world. Mining companies, ship carriers and other businesses that require a continuous and reliable broadband connection can count on satellite broadband.

Satellite broadband companies provide means of disaster recovery and emergency connectivity for critical transactions, such as those needing real-time data input. For such business operations, loss of Internet connectivity could mean millions of dollars in losses. Smart companies know the importance of investing on satellite Internet.